This room is a dream come true for me on many levels and designing it was such a fun experience. My side of the family has many, many grandkids and only a handful of girls. After having two boys we just assumed we would be having a third boy. I was so sure of this, I had even bought a few new boy outfits while I was pregnant. I had three older brothers growing up and was constantly surrounded by my brothers and their friends. I always lived in a boy world of exploring outdoors and lots of sports. I loved this world and just always dreamed of having my own little team of boys to tag along with. I absolutely love being a boy mom and my relationships with both of our sons is one of my most treasured things in the world. I am dreading the day when I am no longer their #1 girl. All of that to say I was ready and excited to have a third little boy join our crew. Note to all moms out there with two kids of the same sex and thinking of trying again. I prayed for a very long time that my heart would be in the right spot when we got pregnant again because I didn’t want to have any feelings of let down for having another baby boy. This was so helpful to be in this state of mind and I would definitely recommend praying through this as well before you start trying. We got pregnant quickly the third time around and the day came for our gender reveal party at the 20 week mark. I just knew we would be seeing blue confetti fly out of the balloon. The moment came and our oldest was the one with the pin to pop the balloon. Out came pink confetti and the look on my husband and I’s face was so shocked. It took a long time for me to process this unexpected blessing and in a way I had to let go of the little boy that I really thought we were having. The rest of the pregnancy I was hesitant to buy much pink because I still thought that the ultrasound must be wrong.


I started off my design for her room wanting a light, bright, white boho feel to it. My plan was to do white walls and light wood furniture with minimal color accents. I’m not sure at what point it happened but somewhere along the way we ended up with a lot more pink than anticipated. I think this may just be a normal process when you have your first girl. One part of the design I was set on was a mid-century dresser. I scoured Craigslist for a vintage dresser that would fit the space. The mid-century style is so popular it was hard to find one that was reasonable. After a long search I found one that I loved. (pictured above) It had been restored and stained a dark olive green color. This did not work with the boho feel I was going for so we sanded it down and Derek re-stained it with this beautiful white-grey stain that has a hint of blush to it. He did two coats and then he did a clear seal over the top. It came with dark knobs and so I ordered these pretty gold pulls off of Amazon to finish it off. I love the labor of love that was put into this dresser and I know Gemma will treasure it.


Looking back, I think that the pink takeover happened when I fell in love with these beautiful blush, silk curtains by Monique Llhuillier for Pottery Barn kids. The rest of the design fell in line with incorporating these into it. I found the vintage print blush rug at Urban Outfitters home store.


My favorite part of her room is the gorgeous board and batten blush, accent wall. We loved how it turned out in our playroom with the navy blue wall and I wanted an understated way to incorporate a blush paint color, into her room, without painting all the walls in her room and overwhelming it with pink. My sweet Dad is very handy and offered to put in the work to build the board and batten wall for us. It was a tedious job taping off the wall to figure out the spacing and then cutting each piece and angle to size. Lastly he installed the wood and then sanded everything down and puttied the nail holes. So many hours went in to this beautiful wall and we are so thankful for my Dad for loving on our sweet baby girl in this way.


We are so happy with how Gemma’s room turned out and have made so many awesome memories in it together already. It’s so fun to dream about the person that is going to enjoy the room you’re creating when you’re pregnant and we’ve loved seeing her grow in it! She is such a delight to our whole family and we can’t imagine life without her! I’m trying to simplify our kids room’s organization so please leave any tips you’ve discovered in the comments!

Have a great week!



*Photos curtesy of Shannon Hannon Photography